Question: What are affiliate links?

Answer: Affiliate links serve as a connection between retailers and publishers. When a visitor clicks on a shopping link on a publisher’s site, such as, a browser cookie is activated. This enables the retailer to attribute any subsequent purchase to the publisher, allowing the publisher to receive a percentage of the revenue.

Question: How does it work on

Answer: The affiliate links on are facilitated by our various partners like Amazon Associates for example. Amazon monitors purchases made through affiliate links recorded in its Associate’s dashboard. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Question: How do I buy the products online?

Answer: If you choose to buy a product recommended on our review/buyers guide pages or featured in our Buyer’s Guide videos, you can do so by clicking through to the preferred retailer’s website to complete the purchase. Clicking through will open a new window, directing you to a third-party website that is entirely independent of Please note that no purchases are made directly on

Question: Is writing guides/reviews based on its affiliate partnerships?

Answer: Absolutely not. Our affiliate partners do not influence or dictate the editorial content of in any manner. The products reviewed are exclusively selected by and are featured irrespective of whether affiliate partners can generate commissions from retailer links.